What mobile phone is best to get?

    I am looking to get a new contract phone put i am willing to pay as you go i am just wondering what the best phones are at the moment i use it to go on the internet alot as well as text i am a facebook addict so i want one what i can go on that with. I have been looking at the iphone 3gs wondering if thats any good? If any one can help it would be appreciated thank you


    iPhone is the best mobile by far, it is simple to use and has endless capabilities.

    You could get a 3GS but I would wait until June as that is when they will release there new bad boy!

    The 3GS was a very small upgrade to the 3G as the only difference was a 3mp camera instead of the 2mp.

    The new phone has many things new coming so worth the 4 month wait!

    I got a nokia 5800 but wish id gone for an iphone

    I agree with that. the iPhone deff is the best one out there and the rest are still playing catch up.. the wait till June is recommended as they will improve on it.
    Get a cheap 50-100 quid phone till then and sell it off on fleabay or keep as a secondary.

    apple hater alert.. not risking a apple vs droid debate here.. just sayin coz I hap to get a droid to use and its just not as nice to use as the apple.That pic is for the 1st gen, the new iphones do pretty much all the main stuff except multi tasking , but how often do you need a phone to do 2-3 things at once?


    any android stuff, half the price of iphone plus it does more, easier to … any android stuff, half the price of iphone plus it does more, easier to replace batteries.AVOID THE iPhonephones includesGoogle G1HTC G2LG InTouch MaxSamsung GalaxyMotorola Milestonesoon to be released Google Nexus

    Uh the iphone can mms and record video? and what does the android do the iphone cant?

    i would have an iphone if someone gave me one for nowt - then i could sell it to an apple sheep and buy a real phone.

    some people just don't want anything to do with apple - not ipods, not iphones, not macs or any other overpriced and overhyped stuff they bang out every few months.

    Original Poster

    I dont really like apple priducts but i am wanting a good internet based phone and apparantly this is top notch for everything i want to know if any have updated flash as well so i can play farmville on facebook god i am sad i know but i am on sick so dont really have much else to do lol

    I agree about the lack of flash, I guess that is a put off for some people. Its a matter of personal preference. There are people who hate and avoid apple product without even using or ever owning one....

    decide on what your budget allows and use the options and see what you like...

    just got the htc hd2 its brill!! x

    Agree. HTC HD2 is brill
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