What Mobile Phone Then?

    I have the choice of the following?

    I like surfng on my phone, don't text much. I already have the plan sorted on 3.

    Samsung Jet
    Nokia N86 - My favoured choice so far

    Or for an extra £60 a year I could choose
    W995 Sony Ericson
    Nokia N97
    Samsung 850i innovate
    Hero HTC

    Opinions Anyone? Or hates on the above


    choice of two for me the HTC Hero or the SE W995 ........

    I'd go for HTC Hero. The browser's pretty good on there. Does your standard Wi-Fi, EDGE and HSDPA.
    Nice big screen to browse on, with multi-touch like the iPhone too.

    If you use the custom ROM you can also use the phone as a wireless router and share your mobile internet with a laptop.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the feedback. Just worried about the quality of pics taken by the hero?
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