What mobile phone would you buy a nokia E90, E71 or N95. thanks !!

    I am with three network so the e71 or n95 are grabbing me at the moment as the software will be custom made for that, but I really like the E90 Communicator also.
    Any help or personal use you have would be great thanks !!!



    I would go for the Nokia N95 personally myself mate, as its the more popular handset out of all those, popularity usually has its advantages...

    1, It must be good if everyone wants one or already has one...
    2, If its popular it will have good support, accessories, software, downloads, spare parts etc

    I'd get the E71. I really want that phone at the moment! I have the E50 now but i want a qwerty keypad now.
    The E90 is far too thick for me but the E71 is so slim! Cheaper too but still, too expensive for me at the moment.

    What do you need it for? e90 is a superb phones with loads of functions

    It really depends on your requirements - the N95 has the best camera and 3.5mm out however it lacks a qwerty keyboard and it's sliding formfactor isn't particularly durable.

    As E series phones the E90 and E71 both offer better build quality and less gimmicky features than the N95 which are a big plus in my book. Between the E71 and the E90 I'd tend to recommend the E71 simply because it's better as a general use phone, the main downsides are that its camera and media playback quality aren't that great. The E90 is more of a specialist phone, it has a beautiful high resolution screen and large keyboard (comparatively) however it's a big, bulky and heavy phone which is a deal breaker for most people who have used my E90. The E71 by comparison is much smaller, thinner and lighter plus it still has most of the E90 features.


    As far as I'm aware even with settings entered, non-3 branded phones still have reduced functionality. I don't use an E90 on 3 so I can't really comment on that, it is hands down the best of the three for internet and e-mail but there's a lot of downsides that go with that.


    The E90 is best in terms of features but I'd definitely try it out in the flesh first before considering one as it is far more bulky phone than pretty much any on the market.



    its £229 on pay and go on the three website

    Do you know why the E71 is so cheap from 3?
    The price of the E71 handset alone and payg on other networks is near £300!
    If I bought it on 3, would it be unlockable to O2 and would it be branded (firmware and casing)?

    E90's migration to S60 is a big plus over the likes of the 9500. Plus it is smaller, although I take the point that it still isn't a small phone.
    It depends what you want. If you want a nice phone, go with the N95. If you want a business class phone, go with the E71 (I think it looks geeky personally, but that is just my personal opinion).
    If you want an all singing, all dancing, business class multimedia device then go with the E90. You wouldn't buy a laptop and complain about it's size? Assumably, you would expect it to be that size v it's functionality. Right?
    The E90 wouldn't be half the phone if it wasn't that size. I'm amazed that they can pack that much into such a small space personally! HTH
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