What mobile phones have you had and what made them stand out.

    For me I had a Samsung m100 which was amazing because it was one of the first phones to have an mp3 player built in.

    then a samsung T100 because it had a an amazing colour screen and had real music and speech polyphonic ringtones.

    Nokia E71, a full qwerty keyboard

    Nokia 6310 had about 10 days stand by, the menu were so fast you could just remember the keypresses without having to look at the screen

    The one I got now the is google G1 I have had for about 7 months which is about 6 months more than i normally own a phone for


    I lost count of the amount of phones i've had over the years, was always changing till i got a iPhone which i've now no plans of changing. Currently have the 16gb 3GS and will only change when it's upgraded again.

    too many phones. too many. probably around 8 different phones over the past 12 months. I'm just really fussy when it comes to phones. At the moment I have the Tocco Lite which I hate, but I'm looking to invest in a decent Blackberry soon.

    o2 xda ignito (htc touch diamond)

    i love it because it is so neat and tiny but still a cracking screen and great features, plus so much support from xda developers if you want to tweak it

    want to upgrade to the monster that is the hd2 though

    Sharp GX1, cos it had a camera!!!! and a massive screen and the wap on it was fast...really fast.

    Had way too many phones to remember.
    Right now I'm in a lot of like with the HTC Hero - mostly because I'm such a geek and there's so much modding you can do to it. Plus it's made me want to start Java programming again to write some Android apps for it!

    N95 is the best phone ive ever had, so good ive just brought another and give up looking for somthing better


    have u tried the nokia e71?

    my mate has it, I've played around with it a bit, wasnt really a big fan.

    I like the look of the] E72 though, not sure what its like to use
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