What moby?

    A friend has just offered me a pretty good deal for my samsung g800 (considering its about 18 months old) and im tempted to take him up on it.
    Thing is i haven't a clue what to get in its place???
    I used to be well clued up on moby's and always have the latest 1 but i guess im getting old now and have "lost touch" lol.
    I want 1 with a good camera (must be 5mp at least), be good for video and ok to text on. Not bothered bout the internet as have laptop n pc for that.
    I'm on a 30 day rolling contract with O2 at the mo paying 30 quid a month for something like 1000 mins n 1000 texts (i think) and free calls all weekend.
    I dont really wanna pay anymore a month (but could go to 35) and i know i'll have to take a cut in my mins if i get a brand new phone (which is what i want).
    Has anybody got any suggestions as to which phone PLEASE as i dont have a clue!!
    What's this new samsung jet? Is it any good?

    What has everybody else got and what do you recommend?

    PLEASE help guys as im stuck!!!

    REP left for any help obviously

    Cheers in advance.

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