what monitor are you using ?

    Thought i would ask this to get a better idea of whats good for me to buy -looking for 22 inch.
    Just had the LG226WTQ and it was faulty !!! On its way back tomorrow !



    the one thats attached to my laptop :w00t:

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    Is there a reason why i cannot seem to get any help ????

    well you only posted a few minutes ago, I am sure the trolls will be here shortly to give you your answers.

    I am currently using a 42" Panasonic TH-42PX60B Plasma and 19" Hitachi CM772



    Is there a reason why i cannot seem to get any help ????

    sorry catwomen i was only teasing, i dont now why no-one has helped you on your other thread, maybe nobody knows the answer :?

    I'm using a dell 2407fpw (A04) and a samsung 205BW as a second screen. I would highly recommend the Dell, however it is a bit of price jump. The picture quality is much better than any screen I have used.

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    Yes, the dell looks good -but around £100 over my budget!!
    Maybe the 22 inch Dell -i like the dead pixel guarantee as when i got this 17" Liteon one 3and a half years ago it had 2 dead pixels and i have put up with them so would be nice to have a screen without any !!

    I'm primarily a laptop user, right now I'm using a bog standard 17 inch 1280x1024 monitor for my laptop.

    If I was choosing a new monitor, I'd most likely go with Dell - they have a good reputation for quality and they seem to be most flexible on monitor swapouts, I've seen some people getting the monitor swapped because they found the backlighting uneven or similar.

    I quite like sites such as Ebuyer and Dabs where you can see user reviews of the device, although you have to take many of them with a pinch of salt there can be quite useful ones. This is particularly useful when it's a no-name brand monitor which can be a superb deal or one to be avoided entirely.

    I'm a little puzzled though, you've mentioned your LG monitor is faulty but I would have thought you would just get a replacement? Or is the fault a more general one?


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    It is faulty -it wont keep a picture on the screen for more than a minute and they have no more in stock and have no idea when they will have.
    Everywhere else is around £30 more for the same monitor - so decided on another make.

    I use a tower for the ole tinternet. I have dual screen, two Dell TFT 17" Screens.

    Heres a pic, ignore the rubbish on my desk;…jpg

    i have the hp w2207, i cant fault it

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    Thanks-that looks a great monitor.

    I am using the samsung 226bw. If you get this monitor it is in the same price range as the hp w2207 and blows it out of the water in terms of specs.


    i have also got the HP W2207 got it for £189
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