what mp3 player to get?!

looking for a new mp3 player, as it says really.
currently i have a toshiba gigabeat s60 which is a 60gb one. it is about 70% full and i really dont like the idea of having to choose what i want to listen to the night before so a largeish one is essential. Looking to replace because the battery is going a bit on the toshiba and it looks a bit battered.
Im really not keen on getting an ipod just because 1) i want to be different and 2) not too keen on the new album art viewer bit.
Been looking at a new zune, but likewise with the toshiba, if the battery goes i have no warrenty as it would be an import.

im open to any suggestions or comments!

thanks for all your help. GIJimmy

EDIT: and are the archos just a bit too big for a pocket?

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