What mp3 player would you suggest?

I'm thinking of buying an mp3 player as my old one got stolen a few months ago. I used to have an old creative zen which i got about 2-3 years ago so im a bit out of touch with whats out at the moment.

What would people reccommend as a good buy ?


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You would have to be mad to buy an Ipod these days,Fair enough if you have a load of Itunes bought music that you cannot use elsewhere,The new sony s series are cheaper, sound much better have better battery life , Come with high quality headphones and can download Iplayer programmes to wath on the move
However best to shop around as these can be bought for a lot less

Forgot to mention Drag and drop and DRM free

My vote would be for the Sony MP3 players too, I have a "A" class one and the sound quality is amazing. IMHO iPods are very over rated!

What's wrong with just using your mobile?

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Thanks for the suggestions so far. I was thinking about the ipod.

The sony sounds wicked. Im gonna look into that now.

I would use my phone. I have a nokia n95 and the battery doesnt last too long at the best of times.

I'd avoid Ipods like the plague. Yeah, they look pretty but their sound processing is average and have problems (such as equalizer doesn't get stored per album which is plain annouing).

Depending on budgets, I'd go for the ARCHOS 605 30GB GPS WIFI Portable Media Player


Main features are 30Gb, plays video (many formats), decent size screen, wireless and can double up as a sat nav.

Cheaper than an ipod touch as well.
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