What music you listening to right now? (havnt seen one of these in a while lol)

    thought id start one for the s***s and giggles


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    Gym Class Heros - Cookie jar

    I'm watching TOTP. Sugababes. Worst song ever.

    Psychosocial - Slipknot:friends:

    Echo and the bunneymen

    transvision vamp - baby i don't care :oops:

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    I'm watching TOTP. Sugababes. Worst song ever.

    worst band ever, or atleast contenders for it lol


    Nowt at the moment but planning on watching Jools Holland later and looking forward to Paulo Nutini

    the charlatans_ the only one i know

    Either way. The Twang.

    arctic monkeys - i bet you look good on the dancefloor

    Thriller - One and only MJ :thumbsup:


    I'm watching TOTP. Sugababes. Worst song ever.

    Me too, now eastenders is on im a bit happier :lol: Robbie was looking good tonight ;-)

    Enter Shakira - Sorry your not a winner (i'm at work with my ipod on).

    Fall Out Boy (Greatest Hits)

    rage against the machine - killing in the name........ had to be said!

    lemar - if she knew

    Queen - Don't try suicide I hate it when The Samaritans put me on hold…gp4
    ellie goulding- wish i stayed

    My tip for being massive come 2010

    I dalek - the world

    Check out lowkey and sam adams :thumbsup:


    Myon & shane 54's AH.FM end of year mix! i love my trance!
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