What nappies are the best these days?

When I had my little one almost 5 years ago I swore by Huggies, never had one single leak with them. Someone gave me pampers in a set and and I had a lot of leaky nappies. Never tried Tesco's nappies and only tried a larger size of Asda's once and they were ok.

Which nappies are the best? Don't want to use the reusable just want disposable.

Thanks for any help.


I used to use aldi nappies on my son and we never had a leak. They are quite cheap and cheerful too, i think around £4.50 for a big pack.

When they stopped with huggies we tried all types to find the best, and in my opinion its tesco. Pampers gave a rash due to leaking and asda leaked every night, were ok during the day.

Each baby is different i find as i know people who say otherwise and its just finding the right one

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Don't have an Aldi in town, was thinking Tesco as I had never tried them (and you get CC points lol) but just wanted to know what everyone was using these days.

lidls ones are good. eish er could still get Huggies though

My daughter has bought lidl & asda nappies & she says they are very good with no leaks

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Had a look on Amazon, as Huggies are not produced in uk anymore they cost a fortune to purchase.



I was also a fan of huggies and now use Aldi, Asda or sainsburys. Found them all to be of similar quality. I paid the extra for pampers newborn initially as Asda ones caused a terrible rash, but then discovered Aldi were fine. Asda nappies had been fine in my older child just found the newborn ones bad on sensitive new baby bum!

morrison own brand are the best for my son.


lidls ones are good. wish you could still get Huggies though

All babies vary, I found Huggies leaked at a certain age, Pampers too, Asda and Tesco nappies were ok when my little ones were in them. As for newborn nappies, I think Pampers Newborn were best.

Try them all

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Think it maybe a bit of trial and error at the start, thanks all for your advice

Sainsburys were the best supermarket brand by far for my little one although she is off them now. I also used aldi but they changed them slightly and they were never as good. Trial and error, every child is different


lidls ones are good. wish you could still get Huggies though

asda's little angels there £6 for around 30 nappys

I also loved huggies nappies but when my daughter was about a year the leaking was awful. They changed them and they were never the same again.
asda little angels or lidl are the next best thing (and alot cheaper!!)

Asda little angels


Asda little angels

I agree


asda! 2 packs for 10. love them, used with last and now this 1. baby event will be on soon too so can get 3 packs for £12!
aldi similar to asdas Little Angels but found my daughter come out in terrible rash with aldis, sticking to asda!

I was a fan of Sainsbogs, but definitely try them. If you use the baby changing room at the supermarket, then you can try their nappies for free....
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I have tried every brand going and the only ones that I find do not leak during the night are pampers active fit, not the baby dry :), good luck x

Tried them all over and over again. Always found Boots to be the best. Great price and never leak. All babies are different though in terms of their size and shape so people's opinions will vary. A lot of people I know swear by Aldi's own brand but they leaked about 50% of the time my wee one wore them.

The only brand I'd say to avoid are Pampers Simply dry, they are the budget brand of Pampers. We had leaks with them (but they worked perfectly with my nephew), so did some research and found that the material inside that soaks things up is not as good. But hey, you'll get people who swear by them probably.

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Anyone tried these ones out of Tesco or boots?

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