What old PC games that are dead cheap are worth buying ???

Just got a new laptop which can handle games (WOO!)

I've always just had a PlayStation so never really been into the PC gaming, since getting it though I've loved Cities Skylines, the old Bioshocks are great, getting back into Football Manager too!! Oh and I love point and click games too, got the Deponia collection which looks good. Mafia 2 still looks great as well and was only £4!!!

Is there any older games that are cheap and still look good? I read Counter Strike is a must buy? Any good racers? Open to all genre's!!



For racing,try GTLegends,and GTR2,both cheap as chips if you can find them,Install Steam,and look at their under £4.00/£7.00 offerings,loads of games out there

Total war shogun 2 is under £5 on cdkeys, brilliant game.

for rpg, try fallout if u didn't play on console.

keep an eye on the humble bundles and the crew is free on uplay this month

For point and click games try artifexmundi.com/ There games canbe found on steam Here

All well reviewed. They frequently come on sale on various sites so wouldn't recommend buying several at full price.

Here are some stores that frequently have sales:

and obviously http//st…om/

You can also track games historical prices isthereanydeal.com/
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keep an eye on the humble bundles and the crew is free on uplay this month

Yeah. I always used to buy the first tier ones, gutted I didn't buy the full packages now, missed out on the really good Capcom and battleborn humbles, sure they'll come back again - Its been a bit indie the last few weeks

The total war games, pre rome total war 2.
Supreme commander first and it's expansion.
Age of empires 2 and age of mythology
Warhammer 40k dawn of war
Fear series
The witcher, possibly the witcher 2
Doom 3
The command and conquer series.

You should be able to play modern indie games like ftl, Miami hotline, hand of fate, terraria, etc.
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