What on Earth is this?

    I have no idea...


    Original Poster

    Slovakian ?

    makeshift car

    I ll guess a reliant robin thats been left out in the sun!

    How do you steer it :?


    lol! Crazy :w00t:

    scrap heap challenge :thumbsup:


    new police car from top gear

    redneck's go kart for billy and bobby rae

    an accident waiting to happen!

    i wanna go !!

    Well I reckon it was designed by MacGyver :lol:

    Chairoplane ?

    It's What The "a Team" Can Do With A Shopping Trolley And A Tea Spoon

    It's the reason why Rover went bust..

    Say hello to the future guys!

    dumped because no reverse gear :?

    like the safety consious rear view mirror.............hang on what about the gallon of petrol behind me.

    Wouldn't it go round in a circle being only driven by one wheel.........hang on it's a crop circle maker. if a passenger would join you.

    p.s I think we should have a caption competition thread...what would yours be.

    "Sir Clive Sinclair was adamant the C5 replacement would be a success"

    It wouldn't go round in a circle (look at a motorbike with sidecar) however I can't see any way of steering it - possibly a work in progress. I did like the fuel tank attached to the seat, genius!



    It's what we will all be driving soon if petrol prices get any higher

    haha.... in that case..can i have one on black?
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