What options exist for replacing a curved radiator below a bay window?

Posted 14th Feb 2020
A gas central heating system is in the property.

The radiator in question doesn't give out enough heat. It is too small for the through lounge.

Option 1)

Replace with a larger straight radiator, curved to spec by an engineering company. Quite expensive and will lose the radiator warranty.

Option 2) (unsure how feasible it is and how odd this could look)

Have two or three smaller radiators attached to the bay wall (one in the centre and one on either side towards the outer extremes of the curved bay if that makes sense). With them connected together via copper pipe and suitable connectors etc. With the copper pipe extended from the existing vertical locations out of the flooring. Additionally getting the copper pipe which will be running horizontally. Made slightly curved to follow the bay closer to the skirting board. To minimise loss of floor space.

Can option 2 be done? Will it look really odd or will it possibly be viewed as acceptable to potential buyers in the future? Can extended depth radiator brackets be bought to move radiators further away from a wall? The size of radiators will be limited in length. To stop them hitting into the wall of the bay, or simply not fitting. Extended depth brackets may allow for longer radiators to be installed in this configuration.

I have found businesses which advertise and bend straight radiators to bay spec. In order to fit and follow the curve below a bay window. Some businesses only bend single panel radiators whilst other do Type 22/K2 radiators.

Having had straight radiators delivered and 50% arrived damaged. I am a little bit put off getting a curved radiator. In case it has problems or gets bashed through transportation. Some businesses arrange delivery. For others the buyer has to sort it out.

I have got a couple of quotes for getting a Type 22 straight radiator, curved. I will obtain others. The two I do have are vastly different. One being over double the price of the other. Another place advertises it charges so much per foot. Which is more inline with the cheaper quote.

Any advice regarding other suitable options or feasibilty problems will be appreciated?

Has anyone done anything like option 2? Has it worked well? Are people who see it, put off by how it looks?

With option 2. Can the two or three radiators be linked (to function as one radiator) so one Tado TRV controls all of them? Otherwise will additional Tado TRVs be neeeded? Adding additional expense.

It is turning into a bit of a headache figuring out what to do!

There must be some members on here who have dealt with this sort of issue.

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