What options for travellers for prepaid mobile internet in UK?

Found 12th Jul 2010
Hi, I'll be in the UK for vacation for about 3 weeks and was wondering which options are available to get internet access with my netbook (Mac OS X) while on the go. Is there some sort of prepaid package with USB stick and sim card? Any suggestions? Don't really need lots of data traffic or lightning speeds - it's really just to be able to check email every now and then and to browse the web a bit.



You can buy a USB dongle and pay as you go sim card which depending on where you are will pick up 3G or 2G speeds.
The networks are: o2, vodafone, 3, t-mobile, Orange and Virgin and if you are going to the countryside or small towns it might be worth going on their websites to see their coverage - I would recommend o2 or vodafone for best 3G coverage where I live.
You can pick them up cheaply on eBay, but also available in shops.

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thank you guys. Sure, one can hardly beat free wifi
Maybe I'll give it a whirl and then get something else if need be.
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