What OS?

    Hi guys, keen for some opinion if possible about Windows:

    Gotta buy a laptop for a friend (they want minimal fuss, something fast I'm thinking of one of those older i7 laptop around £300-450ish or similar). The eBay seller offers a customised checkout - can either come with Windows 7 or the Windows 10. If it were you - which would you prefer? (it's for excel, documentation, and to watch the odd youtube clip - so either OS would do really. Though if you - would you be annoyed if a laptop is still running Windows 7 these days? I mean W10 has been out for a year now)

    Some ideas would be appreciated (I'm somewhat a Windows 7 fan - so I count myself as too biased - hence keen to hear what you might prefer.)



    My preference would be windows 10 (especially for a non tech guy, they will just see it as the newest version), i5 is enough, go for SSD and as much ram (8GB or more) as possible.


    I know several people staying on 7 and moving to Apple as so against 10. if your friend doesn't know windows go for 10 as it will be easier long term.

    windows 10 but disable cortana as it just doesn't function correctly and it's a massive resource hog.

    windows 10 but disable cortana as it just doesn't function correctly and … windows 10 but disable cortana as it just doesn't function correctly and it's a massive resource hog

    From recollection you can't completely disable the Cortana overlay anymore since the Anniversary edition. Even with a registry or system hack Cortana returns in the background, to my annoyance.

    First impressions of Windows 10 (used for over a year) the operating system aesthetically looks rather bland, minimal with it's basic template. Having updated a number of older laptops found that the operating system was an improvement, utilising less system resources (except a known bug for certain motherboard chipsets) until the Anniversary edition subsequently reversed this trend. As with every new operating systems has driver issues such with a key sound hardware manufacturer Realtek which many older users are complaining about the latency lag (crackling) or driver support for Broadcom modem Lan / NIC chipsets.

    The issue of automatic forced updates is a massive pain in the backside, having to wait to close down your computer or laptop, and ensure it's satisfactory installed . Sadly new updates bring their own problems with new errors, bugs, and incompatibilities. Those of us that have used DOS, and early Windows accept the continual maturing, evolving and tinkering of the system but novice users could be frustrated occasionally by the changes. Overall satisfied by Windows 10, and would suggest migrating over to this operating system to future proof your purchase.
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    To answer the main question, I would go with windows 10... the dragging of the windows to the sides etc makes it better for me. Also being able to click the start button and just start typing if I'm searching for something. Just little things which make it easier to live with.

    the free public update to windows 10 ended 29th July (2016) BUT.... if you use "assistive technologies" then you can still get the free upgrade here…ade (no they dont check whether you do actually use assisitive technologies)

    Now a question back... You're looking for "something fast" but it is only "for excel, documentation, and to watch the odd youtube clip", so when you say "fast" you mean "snappy"? In which case an i3 processor will be fine, huge amounts of RAM again are not going to be needed (unless we are talking serious excel sheets), but what is going to make the biggest difference and make it feel fast/snappy is an SSD.

    Ask your friend, personally I'm sticking with windows 7 as long as I can as I don't like the the dumbing down and forced features of 10.

    I'd you don't mind preinstalled candy crush sagas and Xbox services you can't remove (MS adds these even to the 2016 server, what were they thinking!), annoying Windows updates you can't schedule and spying permissions resetting back to the default every major update the site is go ahead, get 10.

    Your friend doesn't seem to need a top end massively powerful machine, he is not doing anything intensive.

    With the remint of 'lack of fuss' is it prudent to buy a 2nd hand / refurb which might cause u issues with the warranty/guarantee. Are u not better getting home something from the likes of john lewis where you will get a solid 2 year fuss free guarantee. Or even amazon.

    If I were your friend, I'd happily take a dip in power for 2+ years of no issues. If hes just using office, browsing, PDF and YouTube, he will never notice.

    Oh and windows 10
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