What OS to install on iMac G4 flowerpot 700mhz ?

Found 18th Feb 2015
Just want to play music , videos and go on the net, putting it in the kitchen to use as a media player. No idea what I am doing lol need suggestions on what to put on it.

Ideally wanted to try running windows via bootcamp, however the osx version is too low, have read that you can use leopard assist to fool it into allowing leopard to be installed (lowest version that includes bootcamp?)

Give me a pile of normal pc parts and I will build you a PC, give me a mac and I have no idea what I am doing lol

Any help/suggestions appreciated
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The latest Mac OS you can normally get without hacking and then run something like


No need to mess about with windows, should work and look great as a result. Add a cheap media remote for about £3 from ebay and you've got a great media player.
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Ubuntu and mint Linux are good but obviously they are Linux based..

Check this out ..techradar.com/new…8/3
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G4 iMacs are PowerPC based, which is an abandoned platform. There is very little recent software for it available, as most is designed to run on Intel Macs only. There is no Bootcamp on PPC Macs I am afraid. The only way to run Windows is to do it in a Virtual PC environment (very very sluggish).

PowerPC resources:
PPC archive
PowerPC Software Archive
Old Apps (mix of Intel and PPC software)

Personally I have an old monitor + Android mini PC in the kitchen. link to a similar box
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You've no chance of doing anything useful with that mac. As a poster has said it's powerpc rather than Intel. It will still run a very old version of os x but that's about it. You will probably struggle to get Linux on it as well as the powerpc version of linux is really old.

It's worthless to be honest. Nice to look at but that's it.
I've got one running as a media player in our holiday home so there's something to watch without needing a TV license.

It's running OSX Leopard (I think) and I upgraded the 40GB drive to a whopping 250GB and filled the remaining space with SD movies/TV shows.

I've not tried it online as the browser is ancient and probably lacks the grunt needed to stream video etc. Still boots up in under 60 seconds though
Best bet for it is this. Would make a lovely Amiga
Thanks for the replies

Was bored today so had a mess about with it a bit;
managed to get rid of the old admin account via open firmware, updated flash to the highest possible, installed mega old Firefox, got a random remote pc thing running both ways between my Linx 7 and the flowerpot, installed VLC player, installed Q Emu and had Win Xp BartPe 'running' as well as a few other random distro's ummm what else... installed a bitorrent client and downloaded some stuff.

So far it is fine for what I want (mainly music and recipes) so it has a use, I have loads of stuff laying around and wanted to put it to some use as it's cute Nearly went and bought a raspberrypi kit the other day but was talked into using my unused desktop instead which now has openelec on it, softmodded our wii not that long ago and regrettably I think the flower pot is the last thing to be 'fiddled' with lol

http://www.macworld.com/article/2363177/turn-your-g4-era-mac-into-a-next-gen-amiga.htmlBest bet for it is this. Would make a lovely Amiga

Love it
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