What oven is this?

Posted 4th Nov
I recently moved into a new place and it appears all the dials on the oven have been cleaned off...anyone recognise it? Just so I can look up a manual / more photos online and hopefully figure out how to not give myself food poisoning.

Thanks all!3324092.jpg
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Looks like very similar - tk8525/2 double oven

(this was an in-house brand of Moben Kitchens who went in to administration in 2011.. spares might be hard to come by..)
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Says tecnik on the plaque, this one looks similar and might help you decifer what they do manualslib.com/man…e=7
Might be worth buying an Oven Thermometer in the short term just to tide you over e.g. This
Have you looked inside the oven see if there is a plaque with the middle number on?
Open both doors and you should find a sticker with manufacturer on and product code etc. It has to have one by law and be visible without moving the oven out of the housing. This assumes no one has removed it!
If the above doesn't help, open the door, there should be 2 ( or 4) screws in the black edges that screw it to the cabinet. Remove them, them slowly pull the oven out, there will probably be 2 big handles part way back to assist.
Take it out, be careful with the lead, there will be a proper ID sticker on the back with exact details...
They are heavy but one bloke should be able to lift it alone, 2 certainly can.
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