What party food do yu need for a baby bday party

Need ideas pls

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What age?

Sandwiches, fairy cakes or cupcakes, crisps, squares of pizza, biscuits , any sort of finger food is good

for a family party i usually do assorted sandwiches or rolls , filled with egg, ham , cheese , tuna or other meats , some little ones like dairylea or jam.
crisps, sausage rolls, veg sticks and dips, mini sausages , scotch eggs, , salad , coleslaw , pickles and got to have cheese and pineapple!
birthday cake and few tarts or fancies.

if vegetarians coming make sure plenty of non meat choices, children seem to like finger food so should suit little ones.

This is what we did this year

Mini cupcakes/muffins
Dairylea sandwiches
Mini Sausages
Carrot Sticks
Cucumber sticks
Cherry Tomatoes

With you stating Baby rather than child..
I would say anything mashed up.

For really little ones, avoid crisps ....go for quavers or Wotsits. They melt in the mouth - less choking hazard.
Also avoid milk based drinks - the vomit smells so bad!! (What? - - - It had to be said. He'll thank me for it later)

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She will be one we don't eat pork as we're Muslims

Grapes (cut in half)
Cherry tomatoes (cut in half)
bread sticks,
wotsits, skips,
small cuttings of mild cheese,
soft biscuits,
bread and butter/ soft spread cheese crustless finger sized sandwiches
cucumber sticks
garden peas
potatoes wedges/smiley faces
carrot sticks
sweet potato fries
cheesy potato cakes or chicken/ veg nuggets
mini pizzas
plain pasta twirls
boiled rice
little fromaige frais yogurt or jelly/custard pots
ice cream
soft cup / angel cakes
chilled water

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Farley's rusks.



What age?

It's a baby so I'm guessing 1 or 2 (?)

Original Poster


It's a baby so I'm guessing 1 or 2 (?)

she will be one
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