What PC for kids?

Found 4th Nov 2017
I'm looking to buy a pc for my kids but I do think have a clue about the spec. It doesn't need to be top notch, for doing homework watching videos etc. preferably second hand, with Windows and perhaps office. What would people recommend? Can someone point me to good deal on eBay or somewhere else? Cheers in advance
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How much are your kids worth? If you can get £500 for them, then a cheap pc is fine.

Joking aside, £300-400 i3 processor laptop from Currys is enough for 3 years of school work.

You get cheaper for £250 if it’s just typing and not watching YouTube in high res.

A cheap pc for £200 will need a monitor or a tv with a hdmi socket.
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Just try local second hand markets
I just got my almost 9 year old an all in one acer from ao.com was on deal when I got it couple weeks back comes in white or black. When searching for them though regardless or sales or not I found ao.com to be the cheapest and most reliable.
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