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What percentage of market value is a Cat D repaired vehicle worth?

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Posted 17th Jul 2008
Well, here's the story... Was going to buy a 1.4 Renault Clio 5dr Privilege 36k on the clock from another user on here for £3k.

Was prepared to go ahead with the sale this weekend, but found out after doing a data check today that the car has been classed as a Cat D write off at some point and has been repaired.

The car is worth about £3.8k from a dealer according to the AA which would obviously mean it's worth less than that sold privately. Probably about 3.4/3.5k..

How much would you say the car is worth now after having found out its a Cat D repaired? I've been looking around online and have seen people say it's worth just 40% of it's original value in the worst case, and as much as 80% in the best case.

I need some kind of definitive answer! Any ideas?

The current owner genuinely knew nothing of its Cat D classification and bought it privately from his driving instructor without doing a HPI test. Understandable as I myself had quite a bit of trust in my instructor!

edit: I'm also a little worried about how hard it's going to be to sell on this car when I'm finished with it.. It's going to be my first car and obviously not going to keep it forever.. Any thoughts on that?
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