What phone does Mickey Bricks have in Hustle???

    Does anyone know of the phone model that Michael Stone (Mickey Bricks) uses in Hustle?? Its a black slide phone and it looks really smooth. Was thinking of purchasing if I can find out what it is and if it's got a decent spec.

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    Can you give us an ep and scene so we can take a look ?

    seems like its a samsung or nokia perhaps


    Can you give us an ep and scene so we can take a look ?

    I think its in a few, and I think its in the scenes where he is phoning someone

    I know which one you mean, but not good at makes of phones......

    Just framed through the last ep, could be a Nokia N85, but I'm not sure the bottom of the keypad looks right for that, Nokia's tend to have a smooth pad and that ones got a ridge at the bottom. Might a Motorola of some kind. It's got a silver square under the screen like a Samsung, but again Sammy's tend to have flat keypads. . .

    As there are no shots of the phone front on, its prop rather that something on product placement, so there's a chance its just a mock up. . .

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    Thanks for the replies so far. It was in the 4th episode I noticed it, when he refused to give up the love diamond and abruptly put the phone down.

    Yeah, thats the ep I've looked at. It's never shown front on. Can't even tell the op system at it's off all the time (you don't want s call in the middle of a shot !).
    I'll see if I can find any other eps. . .


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    Thanks that would be very helpful. I don't think it's a blackberry, as there aren't that many slide phone blackberries!!

    Not a Blackberry. Its a standard keypad. If you freeze frame you can see there are just numbers on the pad...

    Well I can't find it in any other ep I can find...
    I've taken a look at ep 4 again and I can't work out what it is ! As I said above, it maybe just a prop and not a real phone. If they haven't got their phone from a company on product placement they may have just used a mock up rather than give a free plug to any one.

    If you like the looks of it try the Nokia N85 ( ), it's about as close as I can see, 3g, wifi, gps and shiny black...

    Samsung G600 (I think)

    Yea, I agree with Samsung G600. But they never actually have the screen on the phone on, so you can't really tell all that well.
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