What phone has the best loudspeaker for calls?

    I have a Nokia 6233 which has a really good loudspeaker i use for calls.

    I was wondering if anyone can recommend a newer phone that has a similarly loud loudspeaker?

    Or are there any websites which catalogue loudspeaker volumes on phones?


    I think 6233's loudest mate, that and the 6234, n95 is pretty loud too, but I still think 6233's louder, doesn't it have 2 speakers?

    Review sites should make mention of the speaker's volume, but I don't know of any site that indexes speaker output volumes. Not even Gsmarena, who carry every other spec.

    If it's any use though, the N95 is absurdly loud. I once scared the **** out of a girl on a bus with mine, and I think that's the benchmark to look at.

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    yeah i read n95 is loud but i think the 6233 is louder as when i first bought this phone i was contemplating through the two.

    Any newer phones at all?

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    bump...anyone know of any newer phones with good loudspeaker

    let me ask OP this: why do you need the loudspeaker?

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    let me ask OP this: why do you need the loudspeaker?

    Because i use it for call conferencing,

    im not going to be one those idiots who blast their music. lol

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