What phone next from my S7 Edge

Posted 9th Nov 2020
I love my S7 Edge but it's starting to get a little laggy, I've virtually filled the 32Gb storage and the battery performance is not what it once was, so I am on the lookout for something to replace it in the £250 range. I've no desire to have the latest flagship phone, nor does it need to be brand new. What I would like is a phone that's a similar size (dont want a phone that needs 2 hands to operate), has as good as or better battery longevity than mine did originally and doesnt downgrade the experience I have now in terms of screen resolution and functions. I'd prefer to get another Samsung for 2 reasons:
1. It plays nice with the rest of my Samsung ecosystem at home
2. Its one of only a few brands that my bank will let me use the fingerprint sensor to login (otherwise it's an Apple, LG, Sony or HTC).

I've considered moving up to an S8 or S9 but they actually have smaller batteries and are physically larger, both are things I want to avoid. I've also looked at a number of the A and M series Samsung phones but they quite often have lower quality screens than mine does now or there are other trade-offs.

With BF approaching I'd be grateful of any recommendations or opinions on what models/brands to look out for.
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