What phone should i get?

Hi all. Be just got the bush spira D4 from Argos and not overly impressed. Quite sluggish.

I've seen in my local three the..

Honor 5c for £149


ZTE blade v7 for £139

Are these any good or should I stick to the D4?


just a suggestion, but if your willing to buy a Chinese phone then you can buy the xiaomi redmi note 4 for around £130 , comes with band 20 and Google play.. literally turn on and go phone.

awesome phone for the money, you'll be looking at 3 weeks delivery


just to add I have two xiaomi redmi note 3 pro's and there fantastic value for money, the note 4 is the newer version basically

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I don't have time for the delivery unfortunately, but three sells those two in the shop and I have heard good things about the 5c

that's a shame, you really get more phone for your money from China.

as for them two models I can't help you, hopefully someone can

Go for the Moto G4. It's on contract through Tesco at £5.50 mnth+Tarrif or buy it outright for about £150 or less. Saw oneon ebay in packaging for £99 too. A few friends have it, but check the reviews, see if its your type of device. Avoid ordering long distance Chinese Imports.....you have very little to fall back on.

Plenty of members have ordered smart phones from China, sites like gearbest, aliexpress, bangood, nothing wrong with the imports.. after 12 months your standard cheap UK phone has no warranty anyway.

Also to note xiaomi is the 5th biggest phone manufacturer in the world, not like your buying cheap crap off a unreputable company.

1. Samsung
2. Apple
3. huawei
4. oppo
5. xiaomi

please note 3 of the top 5 manufacturers are Chinese.

Id go for the Xiaomi Note 3 arguably better than the note 4, but both excellent options

I bought a Vodafone Smart Ultra 7 a couple of months ago and that was a right piece of s*it.
Decided to buy a Wileyfox Swift 2 from Amazon for £110 and I can say that I am well impressed.
Dunno what the price is now though.

Motorola G4 for just under £150 from argos. 16GB.

I would also note the Wileyfox Swift 2 like chimp14uk says, I believe it also comes with a card that you can turn in for a free replacement LCD should anything happen to your phone! Bonus points for this as it's the first time I've heard of a company offering this service.

Don't order from China, I've heard making a claim for ANYTHING is a real nightmare!
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I am also considering the Honor 5c and all the reviews I have come across so far are positive.
I did consider the Moto G4 as at this price point it's considered to be the best phone out there. But when gathering info about the G4 I found a recurring issue that put me right off. Many of these phones suffer an issue called "ghost touch", that causes apps to open and contacts to be called etc, take some time to google the issue and see what you think.

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Got the 6x. It's amazing.
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