What phone should i get?

    Getting a contract in the coming weeks and have the choice of several phones, please tell me which one you think i should get and why?

    Palm Pre
    iPhone 3G
    HTC Hero
    HTC HD2
    HTC Magic

    I tried a hero today and absolutely loved it, was very nice. Ive had a 2G iphone the past year and im kind of bored of it now. Please let me know what you think.


    Get a basic phone and save the remainder of the money for a rainy day, now that 'sensible :whistling:

    I would recommend a iPhone 3G. I've never used any of the others though.

    OP, get one you like. HTC Hero.

    renown, your avatar is ruddy freaky...



    yeah i phone, great apps plus listen to music and watch films


    OP, get one you like. HTC Hero.renown, your avatar is ruddy freaky...

    Hmm! make my day


    Hmm! make my day

    LOL ... its really, eh, dodgy imo... :w00t:

    I have recently got the HTC touch pro 2 and I think that it is better than the Iphone my friends have. Worth considering if it is one of your options.

    i own a iphone 3g and am more then happy with it

    I say iphone 3g very good phone

    iphone 3G is the best I think. With apps its so useful. I use it for work and have diaries sinc'ed with outlook, receiving & sending email, use it for operating 'powerpoint', use it for playing my music through Hi Fi (see logitech duet as the receiver), use it for online games (scramble 2) Use it for BBC iplayer, playing movies (through HD TV with adapter) listening to music on handset and much much more.
    Oh buy the way, did I mention you can use it as a phone and do texts & MMS :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    Lol, i do know what you can do with it. I did mention in the OP that ive had an iPhone for the past year now.
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