What phone should I get Moto G 3rd Gen or Lenovo K5

    I'm deciding what phone to get but I'm not sure, both phones are £120, and have different plus points. Just wondering peoples thoughts on the two phones.

    Moto g3 3rd gen (2gb ram 16gb storage version) has waterproofing which I really like but the K5 has a compass and gyro.

    I currently have a Moto G first gen.

    Edit: forgot to add i think K5 has notification light, replacable battery and dual sim too.


    Get the white Moto G4 (Dual sim version) for £10 more.

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    Get the white Moto G4 (Dual sim version) for £10 more.

    Is that with the apliances direct Which deal? i dont want the hastle of signing up then canceling. Also feel like its a bit of a cheek to remove features for a upgrade.
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