What phone should I get? (need good battery) xox

    I don't know what to get between iphone 6 plus, huawei p9 lite or sony xa or moto g4 plus ....I have small hands...just want something with an amazing battery


    Nokia 3310


    Nokia 3310


    agreed. nearly a full week on one charge.

    seriously tho, I'm due an upgrade in 2 days and am looking at sony xperia x, maybe xz if I can stretch the budget. both phones are reporting a whole 2 days of battery life!! lately this is actually considered quite good.

    I just got the honor 8, not charged since i got up yesterday and on 21%. tbh not used it much though. Camera is very good if that's of interest. My last few phones have been Sony and I planned on getting again, but this was a great deal. Worth a look.

    I have the P9 (not lite) averages around 2 days, normal usage. Camera is excellent.

    I'd go for the Sony, excellent battery life

    if you have small hands you want the iPhone 6 not plus surely?

    Xiaomi Note 3 has 4050mAH battery which is much bigger than average and often recommend on HUKD

    I suggest for one plus 3 for super battery

    If you want 7 days use on one 1 hour recharge get a Homtom HT6 for about £70

    Buy a big phone with a big battery and stick a popsocket on the back. Sorted
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