What phones can you push emails from MS Exchange???other than iphone (also blackberry 8300 help)

    swapped my iphone and got a blackberry 8300 and i tried to set up an email account but it seems someone has already got an accoutn so i cant get either need to find out how to sort it out or need a new phone with this capability. anyone know??? TIA


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    Contact the network to get the imei cleared so you can login

    Otherwise and windows mobile phone can sync with exchange using activesync. You need to have a certificate really

    The nokia range have an app to sync to exchange (as does most I think)

    I have done this a lot. PM me if you need more info

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    pm u mate...

    would someone recommend a pda phone like an xda or something? or even a nokia that can do this?

    Be a little more patient with your bumps, you're not the only person on this forum...

    A safehands has said, you need to get the BB released from the network and they're also correct that S60 phones do have an app called Mail for Exchange although I haven't used it myself as it's BES I use at work.

    With regards to phone recommendations if you want any useful you need to let us know what you want in a phone as there are phones to cater for all different tastes, plus why you don't want an Iphone.


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    im not a patient person and i wanted to sort this tonight...

    i swapped my iphone and hoped i could get the mail on the BB but hasnt happened. In a phone id like a qwerty keypad, wifi, and push email for ms exchange, the rest i dont mind

    Well if you want it sorted quickly you've got a very strange way of doing it as you seem determined it make it as difficult as possible for anyone to make recommendations because you're so vague. Most WM devices will do what you want easily enough but you've not mentioned a price or age range.

    The HTC devices are pretty much your best bet as there's plenty of them around with qwerty keyboards. These are usually rebranded to XDA, VPA, SPV and MDA for the different networks although hardware is usually functionally the same there may be variances which are worth double checking. If you're considering a Nokia, this is a comparison of the two main exchange support programs:…tml

    Depends on your budget though, the E71 is a strong all round device but not available much on the second hand market for much below 200.

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