What photo Programme can I use for this?

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Found 25th Mar 2010
I am just after putting 2 photos next to each other into 1 photo if you get me, I have tried the free photoshop and photobucket and just dont see how to do it.

I have also tried copy and pasting to paint but it just opens new page for 2nd pic.

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oo thank you for the link

I think I have worded it wrong though, Sorry.

I am looking to put a picture of FIL next to a pic of our daughter to just show the resemblance. I am not that good at explaining myself
Rep added for helping me though x

find out what the width & height of each picture is in pixels.

then in photoshop create a new canvas which equals the total size in width. then paste the pics onto the blank canvas......

easier to do than explain...

can use paint for that
open a photo,
change attributes to alot wider
open other photo and copy it
paste onto first and move into right place
trim it to size


change attributes to alot wider

repped for the comedy!! i tried to go basic
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