What practical jokes did you do when you were younger?

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    My friend was telling me over the weekend some of the " jokes " he used to get upto when he was a lad, one in particular seemed to be a fave of his, him and his mates used to get some dog poo, wrap it in paper and the put it on someones doorstep and set it on fire, then used to ring the bell, when someone came to the door, they'd automatically stamp the fire out and end up covered in poo.

    He does realise that this was wrong now, but at the time they all thought it really funny, he has grown up to be a highly respected consultant in the NHS, so is as he pointed out repaying his dues to society.

    I must've led a tame and boring childhood, I never did anything like that, how about you?


    lol thats a good one

    in the winter nights(only worked well when dark) used to get friends dads long coat and bunnet get on friends shoulders button up coat and hail taxis on main road

    taxi drivers were raging we were abought 8 at the time

    only used to do this one on april fools but my mum would always fall for it. covering the top of the sink in clingfilm so then when someone turns on the tap the water would go all over them instead of into the sink. mate of mine also did it once with the toilet , lift up the seat, cover the top of the loo in clingfilm, then put the seat back down, although this one will get you in more trouble than the sink. :-D

    I didn't do many :oops:
    I remember when we used to get fishing line & tie it to peoples door knockers and hide in the bushes opposite the house and pull it, it used to drive them crazy! :w00t:

    My dad used to put a reel of thread in his sisters wardrobe and run the thread to his room, when she was in bed he's pull the thread so she thought there was a mouse in her wardrobe! She's scream the place down and nothing would be found...he got caught eventually!

    hole punch clippings in my uncles air vents on the car, stuff never come out for months. Never did leave my car unlocked or leave the keys lying around when I visited him later in life.

    Sellotaping a square battery to the toilet so the contacts were in the water was always evil fun. Zap.

    i put flour in the air vents on the handheld vac as dad seems to have an obsession with it, was hilarious when he turned it on and all the flour came out

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    Omg, some of you were so cruel lol, the worst I ever did was put a few worms in my brothers bed.
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