What price for a PS3, 80Gb HD, and 7 games...

My friend is selling his NEW ps3 only opened at x-mas!!! but it's not really his thing. He's giving me first refusal, but what is a fair price for this stuff? I'm keen to buy but is £300 a fair offer?

There's 7 games. :

metal gear solid 4,
little big planet,
saints row 2,
midnight club la,
fall out 3 ,
prince of persia,
sonic unleashed.

Any ideas?
What would be a good price for me?
What would be an absolute steal?

£400 and £300 maybe?



£300 is a good price. Any more is too much.

Yep £300 a fair price as it's "second hand" now ! :thumbsup:

steal at £300 with those games.

I'd say it's a steal yes

Original Poster

thanks everyone, i'm going for it

£300 is a proper steal. Its £280 for this and 3 games. Say the 4 games at £15 each and it should be about £340.
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