What price for an iPod?

    Looking to sell my iPod, as it is currently sitting here doping naff all.
    It is a 20gb white old style one, just not sure what it is worth, anyone wanna let me know what the going rate is for one of these please?



    you got any pics? im thinking its either 3rd or 4th. 4th has the grey wheel and were probably one of the worse ipods produced. the 3rd persoanlly i think were the best.

    price wise you can sell to a collector or a retro fan. for a 20gb £20-£50 depending on condition etc

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    It has the grey whell, I havent hardly used it since I got it, I have an iPod Mini as well and normally use that (is smaller and less bulky).
    Thanks for the advice mate, will get it sorted out and list it up on the FS/FT forum in a bit

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