What price plan are you on for 3 customers ?

Due for an upgrade and would like to know what price plan are you on.

I'm currently on One plan 2000 minutes, 5000 texts, 5000 3 to 3 minutes and unlimited data with tethering for 20 per month. This was with s2 when I upgraded 2 years ago.

Just finding out what I can possibly haggle when I call them.


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They'll take your unlimited tethering off if you try and change your price plan, the new plan only includes 2GB tethering IIRC. ATM you're essentially on a grandfathered plan. I get the same as you but I pay £18 a month.

Yes as the other guy said, if you renegotiate a new deal they will put you on the new t&c's of the current One plan so losing your unlimited tethering, but gaining free 0800/0845 calls.

I'm on the old One plan paying £13.45 per month, rolling monthly.

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Called them 2 weeks ago, they did tried to take me off from that plan but i refused to change it. They offered 15 per month sim only for the same plan, but im looking to get a phone too. So... there you go...

t0mm - youre right, its really old plan, a good one too.

Taliban_ Army - how did you get that price plan. Just asking Its a good one.

It was originally £12.50 per month, half the original One plan price. But that was Sim only, no phone. I always go Sim only now, unless I can get them to throw in an old phone as part of the deal to clinch it. Sell the one they give and then go and buy a new phone. Currently have Nexus 5 and 4 moto g's in the household. And always play the I'm leaving give me my PAC game. The best deal will come from retentions, IF they call you during your 30 days notice period.......
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