What price XBOX ONE after Xmas?

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Found 13th Dec 2014
Given that the Black Friday deals saw the Xbone price fall to £275 is for some decent bundles, does anyone think we will see those prices again in the January sales?


We'll have yo wait and see! There's no seeing into the future!

I think you will see it fall again, depends how much stock they are holding they are going to want to shift as many as possible while there's huge demand at this time of year, however it cant go too much lower as the hardware is very expensive thats why they keep doing these amazing bundles of games instead they lose less money on the games than the hardware i guess!.


We'll have yo wait and see! There's no seeing into the future!

Could use a time machine,

Look to Amazon france, germany, italy etc because the xbox one is doing very badly in mainland europe. UK sales have been very good so unlikely many retailers will have a huge amount of stock they are willing to take a hit with.

The price I'm buying at is £200 or less but I don't mind secondhand. After christmas could be a few available where people don't actually like their present and sell the console cheap in the new year.
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