What PS3 games are good?

Anybody recommend any?

Obviously COD4.

Whats RFOM like?

Any others?




RFOM was superb and one of the few games I actually have played right to the end without getting bored. Same with COD4.

Well into Fifa 08 at the momemt. Tricky learning curve but online play is just outstanding.

Try the free demo of stranglehold. Got bored with that in 5 minutes!

Stranglehold is OK, but won't take you long to complete. The online is awful.

You can download a demo for Jericho... maybe on the US Store? It seems OK... nothing special.

I'm playing a lot of Burnout Paradise on PS3 at the moment, which I can recommend. Probably one of the best games I've played on any system in a long time. Both offline and online are excellent.

i like burnout shame no crash no more tho am waitin now for gta iv and gran tourismo 5 had ps3 for 3 months nearly don't own a single game can't warrant paying nearly £50 for **** games like most of them are so far hope there will be a new test drive:thinking:

get gt5 prologue excellent game and you can get it for around 20 pounds. oh and also warhawk is excellent.

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Cheers for the feedback guys, gonna be on the hunt for RFOM! Pretty sure I saw someone sell it for £15

Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
Burnout Paradise

These are some of the good games out on PS3 so far :thumbsup:

try importing time crisis superb game

Wait until Friday and get Devil May Cry 4, SKATE is also a very good game


Skate went back to lovefilm within 10 minutes.

To be honest, everyone will have different opinions so rather than asking others, I always check out this site for the best ,as it has scores based on official reviews across the board so is a much better measure of a game.


Great for films, tv shows etc too.

If you like driving games you must definately put motorstorm in your collection. I won my first race today on the motorbike - there are different vehicles + courses and more can be unlocked . it's also easily available for under £20. Top stuff.!!!!:thumbsup:


I would definately recommend
Ratchet and Clank,
Drakes Fortune,
Devil May Cry,
Call of Duty 4,
Burnout Paradise,
Fifa 08,

Bit of everything there.

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Great stuff, cheers guys, will be after some of them.

Also, do you have to pay to play PS3 games online? Cheers

nope its free.

I highly recommend time crisis.


As I have said, check out metacritic. Time Crisis received awful reviews so dont just go on one persons view.


best online experience is COD4/Fifa IMHO.

Don't have a PS3 but i would recommend the Orange Box, you won't regret buying that :thumbsup:

And i think Rainbow Six Vegas is on the ps3 as well? If its not then just ignore me but if it is i would recommend that too.
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