What PSU to buy for my new PC?

    I bought this:…iew

    Im not sure what will fit into my computer and if it has the right connectors n stuff

    one of the buyer reviews stated that the board has four SATA and one IDE

    would this work:…RUF



    best wait until it arrives as the psu might not have a p10 connector (PCI-E power connector) severely limiting choice

    you'll need one with hdmi out ir DVI output if your hdtv has a dvi input

    Best of waiting for the machine to come if it doesn't you can always buy a p10 adaptor.

    Also depends on your TV if it has a VGA monitor input, mines does. Or you can buy a DVI connector to VGA.

    Have tons of these lying around.

    If you read the comments on that pc, its apparently very noisy and it's the psu that causes the noise, so you may want to update it at some point anyway

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    Adam yes its connected through VGA


    Adam yes its connected through VGA

    Wait till the pc arrives then update us on the spec of the psu.:thumbsup:

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    will do mate, thanks alot.

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    ok it came and a friend installed XP onto it - i have no clue what the psu is but my friend suspects 350w
    edit: its defo 350w

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    changed title, going to just buy a better PSU and then pick up a 9800 GT
    but still not sure on what PSU will fit
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