what psu would fit in this pc tower?

    Hi im getting this pc and will be putting in a good gfx card and want to replace the standard psu with a better one,im not sure what psu would fit in it as its a mini tower with a micro motherboard,some help would be great

    link to tower-…ned


    Looks like a standard ATX to me.

    What wattage is the PSU and what card are you getting?

    You can't tell scale from that pic.

    The fact that it is a micro-atx motherboard and a small factor case means it might be a micro-atx psu. Wait until it arrives and measure it to be sure.

    Also measure the PCI-E. Some of these small cases will not fit a full size gfx card, especially if it has an oversize cooler on it.

    The case just appears to be slim (m)ATX, not SFF.

    It also has full scale PCI Brackets, you can tell from the DVI/HDMI/VGA ports on one bracket.

    Problem is if the computer you receive varies from the one pictured.

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    Will be picking it up on fri so will measure the back thanks
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