What PSU Would I Need

    I'm planning on building a Ryzen Build, if I get the 8 core 16 thread CPU, with the crossfire motherboard.
    Paired with a HD 7950 GPU.

    What PSU would I need and will that PSU also be suitable for Vega Graphics when released. Maybe I'm missing something and we won't know till actual Release? Thanks


    A £400 quid cpu and a decent graphics card


    A £400 quid cpu and a decent graphics card

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    Until we know the peak power consumption it's impossible to say. Pessimistically maybe 400W.

    Vega is a design with a range of chips that I'd expect to go from 150W (like your 7950) to 250W or more so it'll depend on which model you're looking at.

    You won't need more than a 450w PSU. Depending if you want to upgrade in the future then maybe a bigger watt would be better.

    You won't need more than a 450w PSU

    How can you possibly say that when Ryzen/Vega haven't even been released yet!?

    I've seen videos of a single RX 480 pull 280W. AMD, traditionally, do not look great when it comes to power consumption.

    I recently purchased a 600W PSU because it was a good brand and on sale. Otherwise I would have waited for release and benchmarks.

    I personally would not feel comfortable running a 450W PSU with an octo-core cpu and vega!
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    AMD Ryzen 7 1700 being reported to only be 65w. Why not build your pc in somewhere like Then factor in the above? Guessing sites like aforementioned will start to let you choose the chip soon now more details are coming out.

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    AMD Ryzen 7 1700 being reported to only be 65w

    That figure probably refers to the TDP not power consumption.

    Look, we're only talking 3 weeks away. See if there are any really good deals in the meantime whilst you wait.

    Hard to say, AMD have always sacrifice power efficiency/temps for performance in the past.


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    What about a rx 480
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