What ram do i need?

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Found 19th Mar 2006
Bought a Dell dimension 1100 base unit around xmas for £175.

It came with ...

512mb ram
80gb hard drive
cd rom.

I would like to buy some more ram for it because it is a bit slow on some applications.

Anybody have any idea what ram I need or how do I find out what type I have. I stupidly cannot find the original receipt.


Either open it up and take a look, or use software like Sisoft Sandra to id the components in your pc or go to [url]www.crucial.com/uk[/url] and use the memory finder on there as most, if not all, Dell models are listed.

512mb ram should be ok for home or office use.

I have ab AMD athlon XP 2400+, 2GH and 256mb RAM. Not really had much trouble with speed and memory, but sometimes get a "windows low on reasorces" warning box when im runing a few apps. It all depends on what your going to be runing on your PC, what software and what your going to be using the PC for, Server, workstation, home use, games?

Hi Hypnotic
Did you find out what you wanted? :?:

I have a rambling post to follow about the different types of RAM that are available and their prospective impacts on your system performance.
The first question I need to ask you is what do you use you computer for? :?:

If you are running several office type programmes you could benifit considerably from another 256MB/512MB of RAM, especially if running Windows XP

Alternatively if you are playing games or doing any picture or video editing, both your RAM and the graphics card need to be investigated and in all likelihood turbo charged.

When I went through the Dell product selector taking the basic dimension 1100 - the memory it comes with is "256MB Dual Channel DDR 400 Memory"
If you go looking in other shops for generic RAM it will generaly be displayed as "512Mb PC3200 (PC400) DDR Memory " Taken from Scan.co.uk Another thing to look out for is "Non-ECC Unbuffered" this is the memory for use in your standard desktop (anything that has ECC is used in servers)
I am in particular a big fan of Corsair as I have purchased two different types of unbranded memory and had the unpleasant surprise of them not working in my computer.
Since that time I have bought over 5 GB of corsair value select RAM and had zero problems in 4 computers (some of which had differing manufacturers chips already present.

The use of sisoft allows you to check how high the quality of RAM is. The level of information displayed that is used is mostly of use to overclockers

more questions than answers - but that's the kind of guy I am

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