What Range Cooker does Mr Oliver use on 'Jamie At Home'

Found 9th Apr 2008
Ok, just as it says - does anyone know for sure what make/model he uses in the small lean-to kitchen he cooks in?

My wife is pestering me for the answer ....!

thanks in advance... :-)
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Quote from the site below......."It's the unique way an AGA cooks that is of course the real story behind the legend. AGA cast iron ovens use indirect radiant heat so food does not dry out but retains its natural taste and flavours. Many top chef's choose to use AGA in their own homes. One has recently been commissioned in Jamie Oliver's new home."


Show the OH the images on the site and see if she thinks it's one of these, I looked through his new book and couldn't see anything obvious like a picture.
Thanks for that but I think is a stainless steel jobby with a single large oven....any other suggestions...?
Thanks Suze, I was really after an exact model if poss as believe me I have been shown soooooo many brochures over the last couple of weeks I think I could sell almost any range cooker and give you a complete list of features from memory ;-)

I tried really hard to freeze and see if there were any logos but nothing. Real puzzler this one. I have posted on two or three of his sites but no response as yet.
Aw well, good luck on your search, if you are looking to purchase a range cooker, I can highly recommend the Rangemaster (electric kitchener) - we have it, fantastic cooker.

Also bought the american style fridge/freezer to match - have had nothing but problems with that!
Good tip - thankyou
Your welcome!! :thumbsup:
Might be a long shot but how about contacting him via the website

you never know he/one of his team might be able to help. I suspect it was custom made so you might not be able to get exactly the same one. Good luck, hope you find it
Just as a followup, I took LaoTzu's advice and did contact them on the 9th - as of today nothing except one of those automated emails....understand he's a busy man but there's little point having this kind of thing if they cant handle it...thought I'd let you all know still looking ! :-)
BTW if any one ever find this thread - SHE'S STILL PESTERING ME!!!!!!

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