What region is this bluray/dvd?

    I have a disney pinnochio bluray and dvd combi up for sale on ebay - but someone has asked me what region it is for.

    Ive had a quick look via google about what it is and now understand that it is the areas where the disk can be played.

    But how do i find out which one applies to my disk. It will probably be europe, but shouls i see it somewhere on the casing? Ive had a look and cant seem to find anything.


    Should be Region B for Blu-Ray, and Region 2 for the DVD. If you look on the discs you should see a symbol on each showing the region.

    Uk discs are region B, and US discs are Region A. If it says ABC that means it's region-free (i.e. will play in a Blu-Ray player from any country).
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    Original Poster

    thankyou both - its got thne b - but i was looking for numbers and thought the b was for blu-ray. doh

    thanks again
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