What religion is this???

Posted 21st May 2012
Hi all

Just wondering the religion where women wear headbands. There is a little (white) girl at my daughters CofE school and she always wears a fabric headband. Every time they do prayers she has to go out of the class and she never goes to any of the children's birthday parties. She also is not allowed to sit with other people whilst she is eating.

I can't figure out the religion and don't want to ask in case I seem rude lol.
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What difference does it make that she is white? Religious types are available in all colours
Nits ?
Your correct Harlzter, it makes absolutely no difference. Just tried to give some facts.
Headband??? is her mom heather trott??? X)
Jehovah witness?
I will go for Brethren
cult of cthulhu
Im gonna ask them. It's clearly a popular religious choice of clothing!

Thanks for the responses folks.
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I would have said Jewish but not totally sure
Jehovas Witness.
*News flash* - my good lady also informs me that they are not allowed to watch TV.

Worn after a family death ,immediately family and the first born son of the first born son wears white funeral dress. all relatives wear white headbands up to grand children (3rd generation) wear white headbands. 4th generation decedents wear gold headband. 5th generation decedents wear red headbands.
If you and your little girl like her then I cant see any reason not to ask. Friends ask other friends all sorts of things.

sounds like a sith master to me
poor brainwashed kid. Not even a chance to decide for herself. As soon as she was born.. BOOM.

She could be the daughter of Rambo
Sounds like that funny Unsociable Loner faith.
Lets rescue her, HUKD crew to the rescue!

Next Day:
The Sun
Sick deal-site pedo scum conspire to kidnap child.
Are you sure it's not a small head scarf? My youngest daughter had 2 little girls in her primary school who wore them and they were Jewish. They too didn't take part in RE.

They too didn't take part in RE.

Exposure to different points of view, you're not doing that to my kids thank you very much!
Sounds awesome! Wish I could do that whilst at work....would look cool sat at my desk wearing a headband; can go out of the office periodically to 'pray'; dont have to communicate with my annoying colleagues at lunch; and have a good excuse not to go to work 'socials'
Is she Geordie from star trek?
I've just remembered that the mother used to take the girls home at lunchtime and bring them back for afternoon lessons.

When the eldest one of the 2 got too old for primary school she used to take her sister to school and I used to see her with the mother in the town so I don't think she went to secondary school.
Disgusting this england.
'Don't drink alcohol, have sex or even hold hands': to keep Britons out of jail in Dubai

women wear headbands only in uk.

I think it's plymouth bretheren..
Sunburnt?! I bought my girls a little white material headband to protect their head as their hat was too hot to wear in Tenerife, made my girls look like Armish people, but then again it kept the sun of their head lol

I will go for Brethren

^^^^^^^^^^^ this
Sounds like she is a Hasidic Jew, by any chance is the girl also polish or the like? as that would pretty much seal it i think.
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plymouth brethren lots in my town used to av em as neighbours.they usually live in detached houses, as they worship at each others houses so dont disturb neighbours i spose
Not JWs as some others state, they dont wear headbands to dipict faith.

If it is more a scarf and she has long hair, I would say a Quaker.
Undercover ninja?
They are Brethren!

They are Brethren!

What's my prize
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