what router should i keep to install tomato firmware on

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Found 18th May
hello i got the following routers from amazon and just trying to decide which one i should keep to run as a vpn router.

Netgear R8000 £99.16
Netgear R7000 £73.04
Netgear R6400 £47

any help appreciated


Of those the R7000 is an indisputable rock.
Mine would go for months and never need a reboot running advanced tomato for a couple of years.

Upgraded to an R7800 (which is the router you should be considering if you want something faster than an R7000 for VPN).
Don't bother with the R8000/R8500/R9000.

In all honesty I'd just get an R7800 and get DD-WRT. It's no more complicated than tomato.

Just seen its specifically for VPN.
Do NOT get an R8000/R6400 for that. The R8000 is no faster than the R7000 for that because VPN is single threaded so can't use the extra cores of the R8000.

Another plus for the R7800 is it uses a Qualcomm CPU and says super cool no matter what. It's good for about 70mbit/s on a VPN Vs about 40mbit/s with the R7000 or R8000

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The 7800 can be picked up for £134 that worth the extra? Should i keep one of the other routers for non vpn access? I have IPVanish and cant access my netflix when connected so I think i will have to disconect from one router to the other? or can you specify on the 7800 what websites not to use vpn?

any advice is appreciated

Sorry for hijack your thread, I have a Draytek 2860 because I have 2 broadband feeds at home. Is there any VPN that can be deployed at router level, I have OpenVPN, dunno if it can be used.

Would you consider a raspberry pi for your vpn server?

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pothole I haven't considered it, how complex is it to setup? how much would the slowdown be compared to the 7800? the VPN is so i can connect my 2 firesticks to it
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Anyone else able to help?

Sorry, can't help but I'm considering doing likewise.

Can anyone please tell me what broadband speed I'm likely to get when putting PIA (Private Internet Access) on say a Netgear R7800. I'm with Virgin, Superhub 3, 150 Mbps and use PIA at the moment just on the devices direct and get very good speeds with very little reduction.

From reading various forums I gather routers are bottlenecked by the speed that they can undertake the encryption - what is the key specification of the router to ensure that the encryption rate is "fast"?

Does the flashed firmware (Merlin, DD-WRT, Tomato, Pfsense) chosen to handle the VPN impact the broadband speed - i.e. is there one much better than the other?

Final question - would the R7800 still work if I left the Superhub 3 in Router mode so that I could have two wireless networks (Superhub and Netgear), so could easily choose between using the VPN access or not.

Thanks for any advice.
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