What sales start today?

    Any ideas?

    Contemplating on whether to go to Town or not..

    Cheers sexy people xxx



    Gerroff your bum and go for a walk

    Unless you want to feel like one of the zombies from Left 4 Dead, I'll stay at home and do it online.

    Hello everyone, I hope you had a wonderful christmas?!??

    I too was thinking of going into town, I decided to ring zavvi and
    check for any possible ps3 discounts. Whilst on the phone the
    very helpful lady told me how PACKED it was and this helped
    me decide to stay sat nice and comfy at home.......:santa:
    this image helped too.


    went to comet and currys as a mate wants a new panny plasma with freeview... Dont bother rubbish better deals on the net. Will be looking for some new crimbo decos and paper for next year are for the sales .. not that good

    hello all, any heads up where will be the cheapest place to buyuy wwe'09 xbox 360 tomorrow? must be instore as need it immediately xx

    woolies :lol:

    maybe try the HMV sale

    I guess the boxing day sales start today.


    woolies :lol:maybe try the HMV sale

    thank you :-D

    Zavii were selling Fallout £33, they even falling on closing down right!

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