What Sat Nav ? Please Help

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Found 13th Jul 2010
i am new to sat nav and intend to get one in the next week or so and need all the help i can get !!
what is the best brand to go for , for best maps , updates, addons (like voices and other stuff)
what is the best budget model and mid range model , is it best to go cheap first time you buy one ?
i need euro maps for holidays
i dont need it to be mp3 player or anything else just a sat nav
i have tried to look into it but get confused all the different things that they do , so far i am thinking tomtom is the best to go for because it seems that most go for that brand but i am happy to listen to all the help i can get

Guys basically i have no clue at all please please help me !

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my tomtom live 750 is amazing, so easy to use and handy, few special offers on the net with free updates etc at the moment!!!

Tom Tom, without doubt.

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thanks so far guys

I like the garmin I have two one in my work vehicle and one in my wifes car both have bluetooth handsfree do not buy one without bluetooth, The cost of getting caught using your mobile while driving will easily exceed the twenty or thirty pounds extra you pay for the bluetooth satnav, I got my first one two years ago after asking the local taxi drivers which one they recommended most used garmin and it is priced very reasonably about £110 for the cheapest bluetooth model, Tom Tom have a lot more features most of which you may never use and it is a lot more expensive.

Try "satnaveasy" the have all satnavs there the garmin nuvi360 £70 plus vat and delivery with bluetooth handsfree and european mapping see what you think? Thats where I got mine from and see what you pay for a tom tom with bluetooth!

The best advice I ever got? 'Buy the best you can afford'.

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guys thx agen

ive been looking at the garmin range as it seems for price you get more for your money
found this one any thoughts on it ?

holmesdt thx for the heads up on this site m8

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Look here...... (I would recommend … Look here...... (I would recommend Tomtom)....http://www.satnav-discounts.co.uk/tomtom-go/tomtom-start.htm

thx alot
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