what shop sells 'efes' beer?

Found 29th May 2011
ive been looking for ages for some of this in asda's and tesco's etc....
but seem not to be getting very far
does anybody know where i can buy some from?
live in manchester area
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A place in Nottingham sells it... not that it helps.. Nice beer too..

Wetherspoons sell it aswell I've had it in there, but I don't know if that's local or nationwide..
i know wetherspoons does but its well expensive lol,

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i know weatherspoons does but its well expensive lol,

Last time I bought it it was £1.50 a bottle haah! maybe it was on special.
last time i got one it was like £4.25 or summet a bottle

They have counter collection service in Manchester

1A Lamplight Way Swinton, Agecroft Manchester Greater Manchester M27 8UJ UK
Costco sometimes have it
Also try bargain booze
Morrisons sell it
every store ive been in they havent got any on shelf and ive asked and they always say ''ive never seen it' nice one bud
I worked at BoozeBusters between 1998 - 2001. We used to sell it. Not sure if they still do, or if you have Boozebusters in Manchester (though I think they did originate north of Birmingham
Try a Turkish food centre if you have any near you, they would have it or should.
sainsbury stock this. Its next too the ales in my store. Im sure it was on offer.
Tastes like ****!
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