What should I be looking at and what price range for a decent 5.1 surround sound setup?

Found 25th Jun 2018
Basically I bought a decent high end TV (LG OLED).

I would like to get a decent sound setup too. Preferably 5.1 surround sound but not sure where to look!
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For movies only you can buy a cheap setup for around £200 - £500. For Music between £1500 - £2000 brand new but 2nd speakers can be have for a fraction of that.

You'll need speaker cable and banana plugs aswell. It sound a lot but you can slowly build up your system as you find parts online.

I paid about £70 for my centre, £230 for 4 Q acoustics 1030 towers and around £300 for my B.K. Electronics XLS200 subwoofer. Cables an extra £50 but I paid over the odds for the banana plugs.

Subwoofer is the main thing you want to invest in as it does the heavy lifting. Amps get replaced quite often so don't spend and massive amount on them.
Do you have a budget in mind? Is the purpose mainly watching movies or will it also act as the main source of music? You need to take the TV output and connect it to an amp, the speakers connect to an amp (are you ok running wires around the room?). Both the speakers and the amp come in a very wide variety of price ranges. Most of my friends use a soundbar which generally does a decent job of providing good sound with less hassle - you also get some wireless versions where you don't need to run cables between the speakers. Personally soundbars are not for me (especially when it comes to music) so I use amp + speaker setup - but it is probably more expensive.
for an all in 1 box jobbie i got one of these, and for the price its not too bad, if you blew all your wad on your tv and you have a budget then something along this line might suit, if your into willy waving or have more to spend then maybe not, it does me for in the conservatory tho, its got smart apps and i can watch movies from a HDD or just stream to it from the pc
Thanks for the replies guys. Strictly for movies I was thinking around £500 with the option of expanding and upgrading later on if I want to.
Thanks for the replies!
If you were keen on an amp + speaker setup - you would get much better value for money looking at 2nd hand. I would have a look at the classified sections on avforums or pinkfishmedia. Generally most of the well know brands make good stuff - personally i'm partial to monitor audio or q acoustics for the kind of budget you have in mind. There is wide range of choice of amps - i'd probably go for sony / yamaha / pioneer 5.1 amp. If you are interested in soundbar solution something like the Q Acoustics Media 4 would be much cheaper.
Can't really go wrong with Yamaha amps - something like this set-up is just under your budget and should sound pretty sweet:
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