What should I be looking for in a tablet?

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to buy a cheap colour Android tablet - budget less than £150! I've been looking around on ebay and there seem to be loads of them but I realised that I'm not really sure what I should be looking for spec wise.

    Any pointers would be much appreciated (e.g. what kind of screen / processor / inputs / outputs / battery life / memory capacity / other features should I go for?)

    Many thanks in advance for any guidance!


    Depends what you are going to be using it for ?

    I got an android tablet at christmas time, and it works like a dream, easier to set up than the Ipad, faster than the Ipad alot of the time, great apps and great speed for mine, i got the 10.2 " android pad with the latest android software in it. It has no internal memory, but you are able to buy the micro sd cards for around 25 pound if you shop around for a 32gb, which is more than enough for all the games and music that you would be looking for.

    Just depends what your using it for ?

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    Hi dannyM - thanks for the reply. Yours sounds great - fast than the ipad? brilliant! I want it for reading ebooks/pdfs and looking at photos/browsing the net. That kind of thing. Maybe watch a movie on a train journey. I noticed that some have a HDMI port - would be cool to be able to plug it in to the TV.

    I just don't know which cpu is good. No idea what constitutes a fast processor and how much ram should it have to run all the above smoothly? Some are dual processor? It's pretty confusing to me so any thoughts are much appreciated. Cheers

    try a water tablet ...that will keep you going

    i was bought an etouch for xmas....awful

    There was one posted on the site earlier on that I think would be suited to you it was a verga ? maybe not too sure of the name, if your able to wait until later tonight i may be able to provide more information for you.

    loupomm - Jan 25, 2011 14:11i was bought an etouch for xmas....awful

    What has went wrong with yours ? Mine is working perfectly well and does exactly what im after from it, ive got it linked into the car through aux at the moment to carry music around in, and also it looks pretty great, instead of an ipod or mp3

    I bought an Disgo and it works great. After stopping some of the apps autostarting it is pretty fast. Also I bought a keyboard-folder from eBay, so with the OfficePro app installed I can work on Word and Excel documents too. The battery life is very short (about 90 min) but that's not a big problem for me. With Dropbox installed I can send files to and from my PC.

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    Thanks guys. Much appreciated. I think it's convinced me that they're a little underpowered with not the best screens at the sub £150 price. So I think I'll go for the Kindle 3G for £152 from Amazon.
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