What should i do?

    I wanted to buy an annex for the awning we have and i have been looking on ebay but they are few and far between when you are looking for a specific make, design and colour.
    I searched a lot for one and came up with an advert for an awning and annex.
    I rang to ask if he would sell separate and he said yes for £100, of course me wanting a bargain i rang him and asked if he would take less and he will not move on price and had attitude with it.
    Trouble is since i found HUKD i will not rest until i can knock the price down and i dont know whether to go for it or not. I would have helped if he had a better attitude.


    Question, how much is the annex from a dealer? how badly do you want it? could you not buy the whole thing yourself and then sell off the awning?

    when I sold caravans we used to have loads stored which got seperated from the second hand 'vans we sold, do you have any caravan dealers near you?

    If all else will just have to swallow your pride and go for it.....try for some tent pegs or something!

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    Hi well i have weighed up the situation and decided to swallow my pride. He isnt the most pleasant person to have dealt with and initially he said he would only keep it for 2 days so i managed to pursade him to wait until the weekend and if they dont pick it up then i will just forget it. I said i would send a deposit nut im not sure incase he doesnt get to pick it up.

    have you tried posting a wanted message on freecycle? you never know until you try!

    good luck
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