What should I do? help me decide please :(

    Hey thanks for looking I just need some advice

    Last year in december I purchased a playstation 3 the 60gb model from it was probably the last few they had in and as I have been waiting to sell it I havent opened it and left it sealed. Thing is I primarily bought this to sell on at a profit as I know they are rare as chips nowadays especially since its still sealed and unopened. Thing is I could do with the cash as I'm on holiday at the start of july.

    Question do I sell now? or hold onto it in the hope it becomes even rare thus increasing in value.

    I also have my 360 which probably gets used once every 2 months lol never been big on this generation of consoles which I'm going to definantly put up for sale soon.


    Not really how rare these are. I appreciate its brand new but you can buy the 60gb second hand still in game and with the prices of the ps3 coming down im not sure if you will make much of a profit. good luck though


    sell it

    when the 80gb comes out it will be worth its retail or less lol

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    well I dont remember there being an announcement for the 80gb to come to europe?


    sell it

    I agree


    The 80GB or higher version console is inevitable.

    Sell it while you can.


    Ill buy it.
    You do any trades? Part ex's?
    For PC, Alpine Car Audio? Etc

    Name your price.

    Sell it - it's not likely to go up in value - I'd be surprised if you got what you paid for it - the HDD is easy to replace with a larger one and they've improved things like the heatsink in the newer versions... you must have some cash knocking around to buy a console and not use it!

    Some "think" the next models will have PS2 BC

    Forgive my ignorance on this subject - isn't the PS3 backwards compatible at them moment? I thought that I saw it mentioned in amongst the 'blurb' when I was looking at one in the shops yesterday.

    I have a PS2, & I'm thinking of upgrading, which is why I was looking at the PS3 (but only so I can play GTA4!).

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    Yes but its not the hdd people want or the improved heatsink its the ps2 backwards compatibility.

    Ok might sell it sometime in the next week or two keep an eye out in the FST section

    Bear in mind that you cannot sell it for more than retail price in FS/FT on this site.

    Also,sell as soon as........the warranty is getting shorter the longer you leave it.

    i thinj alot of people lost out on buying ps3s as an investment

    Would trade a set of technics 1200 mk2 for them (2nd hand)
    Silver tops, no lids) working fine.


    let me know dude, very interested.
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